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Deadbolt Lock Services in Lakewood, CO

deadbolt13Deadbolt locks are a locking mechanism which is distinct from a spring bolt lock in a sense that it cannot move in to opening position except by rotating its lock cylinder with key. This kind of lock is also known as deadlock. These kinds of locks do not allow retraction of the lock. Therefore, it makes a door more resistant to entry without using a correct key. These are been often used to complement the spring bolt lock on the entrance of a building. There are various types of deadbolts locks that can be found. Here are different types of deadbolts locks that are found at the market.


Different Types of Deadbolts Locks


  • – Single Cylinder Deadlock: These types of deadbolts are the most common kind. These are mounted from inside of a door and it has a twist knob in the interior of the door and a key cylinder on the exterior side of the door. These kinds of locks can accept key only on one side but it can be operated by a twist knob on the opposite side.
  • – Double Cylinder Deadbolt: These types of deadbolts are also been mounted internally. These types of deadbolts does not have twist knob but both sides of it have key cylinder. Therefore, it requires a key in order to open the door, both from inside and outside. The best thing about it is that it does not give any chance to the intruders to open the door from outside by using any conventional means. These kinds of deadbolts can hamper exit efforts if there is any emergency.
  • keyless– Key Less Deadbolts: These types of deadbolts are also mounted on the inside of the door but it is been operated by keypad instead of keyhole. In these kinds of deadbolts, secret pin code is been typed in order to unlock the door. The best thing about it is that key is not required for it. Therefore, there is no chance of misplacing or losing the key. Another good thing about it is that if you feel that someone knows about your pin code then you can easily change the pin code. These types of deadbolts work by using battery or electric power.
  • – Rim Deadbolts: These types of deadbolts are been bolted on the inside of the door. This type of lock automatically locks behind you each time the door is been closed. It thereby saves you from the trouble of locking the door always.
  • – Vertical Deadbolts: These types of deadbolts are also been bolted from inside. These are been placed on the top of the door. It makes difficult for the intruder to open the lock by placing a bar between door and its frame.
  • – Mortise Deadbolts: These types of deadbolts are an older style of key lock that is been installed in a recess pocket or a mortise that is been cut in the door’s edge. These types of locks are usually strong but when it is been installed by boring a large hole on the door frame then it may weaken the door’s structure.

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