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Lock Changing Services in Lakewood, CO

changing locks2Even though the government is laden with the task of keeping its citizens safe, there is a sufficient amount of effort that is required from you in order to keep you and your property safe. One of the most common which also happens to be the most effective ways is having locks around your house. Overtime, such locks might be compromised ultimately compromising your safety and that of your belongings as well. Knowing why and when you should change the locks to your house can be a great advantage and can avoid a lot of trouble. Here are some of the instances when a lock change is inevitable.

When you move into a new home.

This should be a no brainer but most people tend to over-look it. If you buy or move in to a new apartment, changing the locks should be the first thing you do.

Why: Even if the keys to the current locks have been left with you, you do not know how many copies of the same keys have been made. You need to make sure you know exactly who has access to your house and the only way to do this is by investing in new locks.

When you lose your keys.

lost keys3In such an instance, rekeying might sound like the more economical and perhaps sound solution. Which it is but it is safer to just change the locks.

Why: A lot of absurd things happen every day and you might never be 100% sure if you lost your keys or where they might end up. Perhaps someone picked your pocket with the intention of giving you an unfriendly visit later. Changing the locks can be the only way to be sure that your security remains tight and that you have peace of mind.

When someone has moved out.

If you leave in a shared setting, it is a wise idea to have the locks changed every time someone moves out. This is not to mean that you do not trust them, but it is the safer avenue to follow.

Why: In a shared setting, each of the member have a copy of the key. Also, each member could duplicate the key and give it to their close allies just in case they misplace their copy or lock themselves out. Once a person has moved out, such arrangements can be a major lag to the security and safety of the other members and the apartment. The last thing you want is someone letting themselves into your home in your absence which is why it should make sense to change the locks when someone moves out. Just to be safer.

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When the locks are worn out.

Yes, they might be made out of metal but this is not to mean that the locks will last forever. They are subject to wear and tear just like any other piece of machine. After all, father time has found a way to remain unbeaten.

Why: There are a number of reasons as to why you should consider changing a worn out lock. Key among them is the fact that it is less efficient and more prone to be easily picked. Because of this, it becomes more of concern than a security measure.

You might also want to change locks that have been passed by time. New locking methods that are harder to pick and provide more security are being unveiled each waking day. Thieves and other conniving characters are also finding new ways to beat such systems. So the best way is to stay as updated as possible to prevent such occurrences from happening and ensure your security. Keep in mind that hiring a competent and capable locksmith also plays a significant role in ensuring your security is top notch.

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